White Paper: The Collette Health Good Catch Prevents Patient Adverse Events

White Paper

Collette Health remote patient observation allows observers to submit “Good Catches” – reports submitted when the observer believes an adverse event is avoided.

Hospital admission is inherently stressful, and it can be made even worse when the stay is extended due to an adverse event. An adverse event is an unexpected medical problem that happens during treatment with a drug or other therapy. (Source: National Cancer Institute) For example, a patient not wearing their O2 mask properly, or SATs trending downward unexpectedly. Adverse events may be mild, moderate, or severe, and may be caused by something other than the drug or therapy being given. (Source: National Cancer Institute) Patient adverse events are nothing new. However, preventing them has gotten a little easier in recent years, with the help of remote patient observation—and Collette Health has the proof.

One of the advantages of Collette Health remote patient observation system, is that observers on the Collette Health platform can submit “Good Catches”. Good Catches are reports submitted when the observer believes an adverse event is avoided. At conceptualization, Collette Health was developed to stop patient falls before they happen. However, Collette Health can be leveraged across your entire organization, to not only help reduce patient falls, but to also intervene in numerous ways related to patients’ health. We can to so much more than fall prevention.

What are Good Catches?

Good Catches were originally developed to record prevented patient falls. Avoiding those patient falls was like catching a patient before they fell—a good catch. Once Collette Health was deployed in hospitals we discovered observers recording so much more than fall avoidances. Observers submit good catches for the prevention of any adverse event—noticing a device failure, catching an NPO patient about to eat, stopping a patient from wandering. These Good Catches are then compiled monthly by Collette Health, and hospitals can see the monthly report of every good catch in their own hospital.

Let’s take a look at real examples of Good Catches that were reported with our Collette Health remote patient observation system.

Note: these were taken directly from the Collette Health software. Patient and hospital information has been removed for anonymity.

Fall Risk Good Catches

Observer prevented a patient from getting out of bed without assistance, until staff could arrive.

Had a patient that was a fall risk. She discovered that she could disable the chair alarm by putting her purse on the sensor when she got up. Observer was able to catch this and inform the nurse about the situation.

Elopement or Wandering Good Catches

Patient was required to stay inside of room but opened the door in the attempt to walk out. The patient responded to verbal redirection from the observer and didn’t walk out of the room.

Patient was attempting to leave the room. Observer tried to redirect the patient to stay in the room. Patient proceeded to walk out, so the observer sounded the alarm. A nurse came right away and patient came back into the room.

Social Behavioral Concern Good Catches

Patient was extremely agitated and threatening to leave AMA. Observer called the patient’s wife and transferred the call into the room. Patient spoke with wife and settled down.

Observer was able to catch patient making suicidal comments. The observer alerted the nurse quickly, so proper precautions could be put in place for patient safety.

Patient expressed how they felt depressed, and the observer sat and talked to the patient until the patient felt better. Afterwards, the patient was visibly less anxious and more motivated.

To see 20+ real examples of Good Catches that were reported with our Collette Health remote patient observation system, read the full white paper here.

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