MedSitter, Now Collette Health, Highlighted as a Leader * (limited data) In Virtual Observation and Nursing in New KLAS Report

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NOBLESVILLE, Ind., (BUSINESS WIRE), September 21, 2023 — MedSitter, now Collette Health, a leading virtual patient observation solution, received high marks from the inaugural KLAS Virtual Sitting and Nursing Report released today, revealing positive response surrounding ongoing support and monitoring. Collette Health’s 360 virtual care solution offers intelligent workflow assistance, meaningful use of machine learning to support workflows that reduce task burdens and empower observers to be more efficient including motion detection, timed reminders, in-room context, and AI-enabled presence awareness.

Virtual observation and nursing solutions are receiving attention from healthcare organizations across the country. Organizations are interested in their potential to improve patient outcomes, alleviate staffing shortages, and reduce costs. This KLAS report offers an early look at customer experiences and the positive outcomes organizations are seeing in this sector.

The KLAS report gave Collette Health an impressive 89.4%* (limited data) overall performance score, and a whopping 100%* (limited data) of respondents were satisfied with the company’s value. In addition, the report emphasized that customers appreciate their strong relationship with Collette Health and receive ongoing support. Collette Health’s efficient and cost-effective solution benefits healthcare systems of all sizes and across all continuums by reducing the strain on clinicians, the need for recruitment in the current nursing staff shortage, and—most importantly—the number of costly patient injuries resulting from adverse events like falls. Client respondents quickly see Collette Health’s impact in improved patient and family satisfaction due to the high levels of comfort and security the solution brings.

“These high marks from KLAS Research help validate Collette Health as the next generation of high-acuity virtual care,” said Holly Miller, President of Collette Health. “Today, more than 150 hospitals and 12 top healthcare systems nationwide trust us to prevent adverse events, improve patient and clinician satisfaction, and solve staffing shortages. Our turnkey solution helps our hospital partners to reduce adverse events in high acuity patient settings and creates a positive patient experience through virtual observers.”

The most frequently mentioned outcomes by customers using Collette Health are reduced patient falls and the ability to circumnavigate staffing shortages and costs that come with 1:1 sitter-to-patient virtual observation. Collette Health’s rebranding initiative shows its evolution to meet market demands for virtual care solutions.

KLAS is a research organization in the healthcare IT sector that generates valuable insights and promotes transparency.

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Collette Health (formerly MedSitter) is the next generation of high-acuity virtual care. More than 150 hospitals and 12 top healthcare systems nationwide trust our AI-enabled, continuous virtual observation, clinician observers, and actionable analytics to solve staffing shortages, prevent adverse events, and improve patient and clinician satisfaction. Partner with us. Follow us: LinkedIn

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