Webinar: Leveraging Collette Health in the Emergency Department

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Just last month, Collette Health hosted an incredibly informative webinar with our client, King’s Daughters Health System. Sponsored by Logitech, this webinar went over how King’s Daughters Health System uses Collette Health to in the Emergency Department, with host Christ Furst, Clinical Coordinator at King’s Daughters Medical Center.

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Christ Furst, a Collette Health client at King’s Daughters Health System has been using Collette Health in the Emergency Department as a patient safety tool with tremendous results. Collette Health has helped to mitigate the severe staffing shortage, to provide a second set of eyes for at-risk patients, and to prevent patient elopement.

In this presentation, Chris discusses how to leverage Collette Health in the ED along with reviewing some of their incredible outcomes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How King’s Daughters uses Collette Health in the ED to alleviate the pressure caused by staffing shortages
  • The policies and procedures King’s Daughters employs surrounding the use of remote patient observation
  • How King’s Daughters plans to expand their Collette Health usage

What is Collette Health?

Collette Health is a remote patient observation technology-enabled solution that connects at-risk patients to remote observers over video. Collette Health Monitoring Units (MMU’s) are equipped with cameras are left with at-risk patients. An observer at a command center can observe multiple patients at one time via a video connection and can contact both the patient and onsite medical staff as necessary. Utilizing one patient observer for several patients serves to stretch staff resources without sacrificing patient safety. It also helps patient observers to avoid infectious disease, since they are no longer required to be in the room with the patients they are observing

The Collette Health Difference

Both the Collette Health hardware and software were designed for clinicians and include some innovative features that are not seen anywhere else in the market. These features truly set the Collette Health solution apart:

  • Persistent Video: With Collette Health, the connection between the patient and the observer is always on. If the observer needs to speak to the patient, they can appear onscreen on the Collette Health cart with the click of a button. This instantaneous connection goes a long way in preventing adverse events. The video is particularly important, considering that the addition of nonverbal, contextual, and behavioral information leads to more effective communication in a healthcare environment when compared to audio-only communication. (Source: NCBI)
  • Full-Field Night Vision: The sitter-controlled camera covers the entire patient room, regardless of the light conditions or the time of day.
  • Cross-Language Communication: Not every patient requiring observation speaks English, and so the Collette Health software contains pre-recorded messages in more than 60 languages for quick communication with limited English proficiency patients. The system also includes a full library of pre-recorded video messages in American Sign Language, which helps healthcare facilities to fulfill their language access requirements as outlined by The Joint Commission. (Source: Joint Commission) The features listed here are completely unique to the Collette Health product and go a long way in helping remote observers be as effective as they can in preventing patient injury.

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