Webinar: Real Collette Health Examples from Reid Health


Just last week, Collette Health hosted a webinar with Reid Health. Reid Health was one of Collette Health’s very first customers, and the Collette Health solution is now fully integrated into their care delivery solution. In this webinar, Zachary Mogle, Clinical Manager/Nursing Support at Reid Health, covered Collette Health’s impact on their organization, including how Collette Health helped to decrease their inpatient fall rate. 

What is Collette Health?

Remote patient observation is a technology-enabled solution that connects at-risk patients to remote observers over video. Mobile devices equipped with cameras are left with at-risk patients. An observer at a command center can observe multiple patients at one time via a video connection and can contact both the patient and onsite medical staff as necessary. Utilizing one patient observer for several patients serves to stretch staff resources without sacrificing patient safety. It also helps patient observers to avoid infectious disease, since they are no longer required to be in the room with the patients they are observing.

Both the Collette Health hardware and software were designed for clinicians and include some innovative features that are not seen anywhere else in the market. These features truly set the Collette Health solution apart:

  • Persistent Video: With Collette Health, the connection between the patient and the observer is always on. If the observer needs to speak to the patient, they can appear onscreen on the Collette Health cart with the click of a button. This instantaneous connection goes a long way in preventing adverse events.
  • Full-Field Night Vision: The sitter-controlled camera covers the entire patient room, regardless of the light conditions or the time of day.
  • Cross-Language Communication: Not every patient requiring observation speaks English, and so the Collette Health software contains pre-recorded messages in more than 60 languages (including American Sign Language) for quick communication with limited English proficiency patients.

Why Reid Health Chose to Use Collette Health

Reid Hospital is a 271-bed regional care facility located in Richmond, IN. At present, the hospital serves approximately 280,000 people within an 8-county region.

The decision to pursue Collette Health was a part of an ongoing organizational effort to operationalize and leverage technology to aid in efficient resource utilization, enhance clinical workflow efficiencies, and improve patient safety.

How Collette Health Helps Prevent Patient Falls 

The Collette Health patient observation system is best-in-class and was specifically designed to prevent patient falls. The Collette Health solution can turn one patient observer into ten. One observer at a command station can effectively monitor multiple patients at once, thus extending staff resources without sacrificing patient safety. Not to mention giving much needed relief to overburdened nursing departments. Overall, this system saves nurses time and effort.

Patient safety is a major priority for patients, patient care staff, and hospital administration. Patient observers can be used to help keep patients safe during their stay, but staffing and budgetary limitations make 1:1 observation difficult to maintain. Collette Health puts one virtual observer in front of up to ten patients at one time, preserving staff resources without sacrificing patient safety—to stop patient falls in hospitals before they happen.

What You’ll Learn in This Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn how Reid Health had a 32% reduction in falls per 1000 patient days since inception. The webinar will also discuss:

  • How patients and staff at Reid Health feel about Collette Health
  • Specific Collette Health Good Catches
  • Reid Health’s plans for the future with Collette Health

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