Leading Patient Safety Solution, Collette Health, Appoints Holly Miller as President


Noblesville, IN—Collette Health recently announced the appointment of Holly Miller as President. Miller comes to Collette Health with a proven track record of success and will oversee the company’s strategic direction.

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Collette Health, a leading remote patient observation solution, announced the appointment of Holly Miller as President. Miller comes to Collette Health with a proven track record of success in the healthcare technology industry. She will oversee the company’s strategic direction, focusing on driving growth through service expansion.

Miller has led revenue growth within the acute and post-acute SaaS space for over 20 years. Miller’s previous experience includes HealthStream and, most recently, as Chief Revenue Officer at PlayMaker, a successful acquisition by Trella Health, Cressey, and Co.

“Initially, I was drawn to Collette Health’s mission,” says Miller, “I believe this service can go a long way towards keeping patients safe across the care continuum. Collette Health represents a leap forward in the care delivery model, and I am thrilled to be working with such a dedicated and passionate group of people. Together, we plan to transform the way patient safety is handled.”

Miller will first focus on the overall go-to-market strategy of Collette Health to
expand our service to existing customers and new clients. Ultimately, the goal is establishing Collette Health as the standard of care for patient observation.

“We are so excited to welcome Holly to the Collette Health team,” says Tracy Mills, CEO. “Her addition is vital to our aggressive growth plan, and her track record of successful leadership will prove to be a tremendous asset.”

To learn more about Collette Health, visit us online at http://www.Collette Health.com.

About Collette Health

Collette Health helps overburdened clinicians to remotely observe patients to meaningfully improve patient safety and satisfaction without straining staff resources. The remote patient observation system is being leveraged by top healthcare systems across the nation with fantastic results. From the first call all the way through account maturity, Collette Health provides exemplary customer support which helps clinicians to proactively meet patient needs.

Both the Collette Health hardware and software were designed for clinicians and include some innovative features that are not seen anywhere else in the market. These features truly set the Collette Health solution apart:

  • Persistent Video: With Collette Health, the connection between the patient and the observer is always on. If the observer needs to speak to the patient, they can appear onscreen on the Collette Health cart with the click of a button. This instantaneous connection goes a long way in preventing adverse events.
  • Full-Field Night Vision: The sitter-controlled camera covers the entire patient room, regardless of the light conditions or the time of day.
  • Cross-Language Communication: Not every patient requiring observation speaks English, and so the Collette Health software contains pre-recorded messages in more than 60 languages (including American Sign Language) for quick communication with limited English proficiency patients.

If you are interested in exploring a virtual patient sitting solution for your hospital, visit the Contact Us page now to schedule a free demo of the Collette Health product.