How Collette Health Customers Can Create Success


Collette Health recently attained its official report as an Emerging Solutions Spotlight in healthcare from KLAS, a leading provider of research and data on healthcare information technology (HIT). The company was able to review results within the statement from its healthcare provider clients on strengths and weaknesses, and ways to enhance current tools and processes. KLAS researches and examines data as compiled from websites, healthcare industry reports, interviews with healthcare, employer organization executives and managers, and interviews with vendor and consultant organizations to provide transparency with factual reports on HIT products in healthcare. They seek to increase effectiveness of the healthcare industry by informing on unbiased provider views and receiving feedback on products in well-researched and examined data in reports that are easy and efficient to review. Collette Health’s clients provided helpful feedback on specific areas that would assist in creating an even more successful partnership to care for patients and found that specific improvements can be achieved via different methods of client support as well as continued tool and process development.

Report Conclusion

Survey respondents by organization type in the report included 40% standalone hospitals, 40% large hospital health systems, and 20% midsized community hospitals. The customers interviewed by KLAS were 10 individuals from 10 unique organizations who partner with Collette Health. Customer outcomes, key performance and functionality, strengths, and opportunities were all measured and indicated by clients. In total, the results were overwhelmingly positive.

“All interviewed customers report that they are satisfied and would buy the product again.” — KLAS Research, Emerging Solution Spotlight, July 2023

KLAS found that of the customers surveyed, 100% were either satisfied, or very satisfied with Collette Health’s virtual observation solution for acute and long-term care patients in their facilities. Collette Health’s performance indicators were covered based on culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value.

Patient falls, safety, and the facility’s one-to-one care, staff burden, and cost savings were all improved according to 100% of the clients surveyed. Collette Health received a score of 100% in areas of keeping their promises, having clients purchase the product again, and the lack of attaching additional cost charges to clients during the partnership. Collette Health received great scores in all other areas of the survey.

“We have seen a reduction in the number of falls and a reduction in the need for one-to-one, in-person sitters. Those reductions have trickled into successful financial and operational outcomes. Collette Health has improved our patient safety.” —Director, Collette Health Client

How Customers Meet Goals With Collette Health

“There are two versions of Collette Health’s product. In one version, we provide the observers. There is a camera and displayed verbiage that tells patients and visitors that they are being remotely monitored. The solution provides two-way audio and visual displays so that patients can have quick resources. The sitters can contact the care teams for those patients to tell the teams what the patients’ needs are. The other version involves Collette Health providing the observers.” —Nurse, Collette Health Client

Collette Health’s virtual staffing solution serves acute care hospitals and healthcare systems. As high-acuity patient needs continue to rise and the nursing shortage looms, facilities are finding unique ways to solve both challenges. Collette Health’s remote patient observation tool is one of those approaches. The solution includes carts, cloud-based software, and virtual clinician observers. Currently working with over 120 hospitals and 12 of the largest healthcare systems in the nation, Collette Health rapidly improves patient safety and clinician satisfaction.

The 10:1 observer-to-patient ratio proactively helps clinicians interact and intervene, preventing potential adverse events. The observing clinician can speak with the patient via the two-way video and audio system and ask them to wait for immediate assistance from the onsite nursing staff. Next, the observer instantly contacts the nurse on site, who calls on the patient in person for support. Collette Health’s fully integrated communication allows observers to quickly contact the nurse’s on-person phone via voice or SMS text. Backup contacts—the charge nurse and house supervisor—are also available to ensure support if there are issues contacting the patient’s primary nurse in residence. Additionally, visual alerts occur on the nurse and patient monitors to show that contact is being made.

Based on the report from KLAS, with Collette Health’s help, customers can achieve complete success in the areas of meeting patient safety and staffing goals. Both client support and feedback reception were recorded as two of the top strengths Collette Health offers customers. With this in mind, clients play an important part in accomplishing the best possible results in their Collette Health partnerships.

Collette Health found ways to help client ongoing in certain areas. Initial and ongoing training for staff can be expanded upon, as well as continuing improvements in the technology to ensure effective product integration with existing client programs, as well as with hardware used.

What Can Clients Do On Their End?

Communicate. Effective communication is a crucial component of any relationship. In business partnerships, clients should feel free to ask any and all questions that arise. This is comprehensive route to reaching goals together, because clients should understand the processes and tools they use.

“Collette Health’s strength is their client support. My client support person has really been incredible and helpful, and we text each other whenever I have questions. They take their service all the way to the top. They provide top-notch follow-up and get the answers that I don’t get anywhere else. They have a firm grasp of client needs without high-pressure sales but with a support mentality.” —Director, Collette Health Client

Provide feedback. In order for customers to meet staff and patient needs, honest and complete feedback is needed. This should come from patients and staff alike. Patient satisfaction surveys should be shared with Collette Health when the results connect to the product. Facility staff that utilizes and/or whose tasks are affected by Collette Health’s tools and processes are truly key in ensuring a successful collaboration. It is vital that those individuals share concerns and issues as well as successes that arise from using the product.

“The vendor’s biggest strength is probably their reception of feedback. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, the vendor is always willing to listen. Even the sitters notice the ideas that we give them. We think that is awesome because the vendor is listening to people who are actually doing the work. The online support team is pretty great; they are quick at resolving any issues.” —Manager, Collette Health Client

Discover other ways Collette Health can help. Each year thousands of patient falls happen in facilities across the country, and many of those result in costly injuries to the patients. Healthcare systems that house multiple facilities have endless opportunities to employ Collette Health’s patient safety solutions. Additionally, an ever-increasing nursing shortage is overstretching current staff in hospitals and long-term care facilities. Collette Health’s remote patient observation is the solution.

Why Collette Health?

Patient satisfaction in the healthcare setting is personal—it can affect the outcome of a medical event from both a mental and emotional standpoint. When expectations are met or surpassed, it promotes healing from the inside out. By partnering with Medsitter, healthcare organizations have found an efficient and cost-effective method for reducing strain on medical staff, the need for more recruitment, and most importantly—the number of injuries resulting from adverse events like falls. Collette Health—like their clients—have the ultimate goal of patient safety. If you are interested in implementing Collette Health’s patient safety solutions, visit the Contact Us page for more information.