KLAS Releases Report Detailing Collette Health’s Client Satisfaction Rates

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On Friday, July 28, KLAS, a leading provider of research and data statements, released its spotlight on Collette Health as an Emerging Solutions Spotlight in healthcare.

KLAS reports outline all facets of customer satisfaction with closeup ratings using a large-scale scoring approach. The company utilizes research, surveys, client feedback, and more to provide integral ratings. Collette Health elected to enlist KLAS reporting services to help identify both strengths and weaknesses from the client point of view. By this, Collette Health can employ the data report’s results to pinpoint areas of the company’s processes and tools that need enhancing and can begin to shape a framework for developing upgrades to those pieces for an upgraded client product. While Collette Health’s remote client observation solution is already considered a seamless product by customers, no product is without space for improvements.

Included in the KLAS report is Collette Health’s profile at a glance, with an overview of company specifications. Collette Health employs 100+ and is privately held, with an annual subscription model and target customer as 100+ bed hospitals, health systems, and critical access hospitals. The company in Noblesville, IN. was founded in 2017 and serves approximately 150 individual facilities.

In a brief executive interview with President Holly Miller, she explains the company’s largest differentiator from its competitors, “Collette Health is the first end-to-end continuous virtual observation solution that includes full-time virtual clinicians (RN, LPN, critical care) that extend the existing nursing staff, reduce labor costs, and improve clinical retention.

Performance Measuring

The number of customers interviewed by KLAS was 10 individuals from 10 unique organizations.

Survey respondents by organization type included 40% standalone hospitals, 40% large hospital health systems, and 20% midsized community hospitals.

The report looked at three main customer outcome measurements:

  1. The client overall satisfaction is based on a 100-point scale to determine if client satisfaction rate (highly satisfied, satisfied, or dissatisfied).
  2. The amount of time for clients to perceive outcomes from use of the program (immediately, within 6 months, in 6-12 months, over 12 months, no outcomes yet—optimistic, or no outcomes yet—pessimistic).
  3. The outcomes that were expected by customers and if they were achieved, pending, an unexpected outcome, or not achieved on the following
    1. Reduced patient falls
    2. Improved patient safety
    3. Decreased utilization of one-to-one sitters
    4. Cost savings from decreased staffing and patient injury costs.

Key Performance Indicator Measuring

Customers were asked if Collette Health’s solutions support their integration goals and if the product had their required functionality. The product was graded on executive involvement, if customers were likely to recommend the product, and whether or not they would purchase the product again. The software grading scale ranged from A+ (8.55-9.0) to F (<5.22).

Adoption of key functionality was measured by organization based on the following:

  • Native cloud infrastructure, 24/7 support, and reliability of technology to help with application reliability and performance
  • Patient-provider connections: two-way audio/video, cross-language communication, and telephony integration
  • Project management, onsite installation team, and early deployment of hardware and software to help with ease of implementation.
  • Collette Health+ Staff: staffing support services and virtual sitting.

Strengths were measured based on Collette Health’s ability to drive outcomes and improve patient safety, level of client support, and if the company is receptive to feedback and good online support.

Collette Health’s Opportunities were gauged based on whether training could be improved, if there was a need for better EMR integration, and if functionality improvements were needed.

Report Results Overview

“All interviewed customers report that they are satisfied and would buy the product again.”KLAS Research, Emerging Solution Spotlight, July 2023

The Scores

KLAS found that of the customers surveyed, 100% were either satisfied, or very satisfied with Collette Health’s virtual observation solution for acute and long-term care patients in their facilities. Collette Health’s performance indicators were covered based on culture, loyalty, operations, product, relationship, and value.

Collette Health clients report that Collette Health fully achieved the following outcomes expected:

  • Patient falls were reduced
  • Patient safety was improved
  • Utilization of the facility’s one-to-one care observers was decreased onsite
  • Staff burden was lessened
  • Cost savings were lessened due to decreased staffing and patient injury instances.

A 100% score in performance was given to Collette Health in the following survey areas:

  • The company keeps all of their promises to clients
  • Clients would again purchase Collette Health solution services if the opportunity arose
  • The company avoids affixing additional charges to clients.

Collette Health scored exceptionally well in the following areas surveyed:

  • The product works as promised
  • The product’s forecasted satisfaction to clients was accurate
  • Clients are likely to recommend the Collette Health virtual observation solutions to others
  • Clients found the product’s ease of use exceptional
  • Level of executive involvement
  • The company’s quality of phone and web support is high.

The following areas surveyed also received good scores:

  • Providing proactive service to clients
  • Clients’ overall satisfaction of the product
  • Clients would consider the company as part of their long-term plans for staffing solutions
  • The product’s ease of implementation in their facility
  • The quality of training staff on the product
  • The product’s delivery of the new technology
  • Overall product quality
  • Functionality needed for the product
  • Support of the clients’ integration goals
  • The product drives tangible outcomes for the clients
  • The product value is worth the investment.
  • Their technical specifications under cloud environment; development, database, and security platforms, confidentiality, data encryption, integration approach, HITRUST certification, and AI are all listed.

Primary Strengths Identified

Clients highlighted Collette Health strengths that were exceptionally important to their patient care.

“We have seen a reduction in the number of falls and a reduction in the need for one-to-one, in-person sitters. Those reductions have trickled into successful financial and operational outcomes. Collette Health has improved our patient safety.” —Director, Collette Health Client

“Collette Health’s strength is their client support. My client support person has really been incredible and helpful, and we text each other whenever I have questions. They take their service all the way to the top. They provide top-notch follow-up and get the answers that I don’t get anywhere else. They have a firm grasp of client needs without high-pressure sales but with a support mentality.” —Director, Collette Health Client

“The vendor’s biggest strength is probably their reception of feedback. Whether the feedback is positive or negative, the vendor is always willing to listen. Even the sitters notice the ideas that we give them. We think that is awesome because the vendor is listening to people who are actually doing the work. The online support team is pretty great; they are quick at resolving any issues.” —Manager, Collette Health Client

Collette Health’s Commitment to Always Improve

As Collette Health continually serves healthcare facilities throughout the nation and continues to grow, they commit to continuing to strive for success in helping clients to care for patients by upgrading and enhancing facets of their processes and tools ongoing. The report helped to identify ways for the company to help clients ongoing in specific areas. They discovered that per clients, training is an item that can be expanded upon to help receive information and procedures in efficient ways, and continued training may be an avenue to explore. Additionally, Collette Health hopes to satisfy clients by improving on current technology used to ensure effective product integration with existing programs. The company also noted that some clients wish for improvements in hardware effectiveness.

Collette Health seeks to enhance its system especially in areas as noted per these statements:

  • Commit to deploying a virtual clinical observation program for high acuity patients (ICU, med/surg, etc.) to improve patient safety & outcomes
  • Proactively invest in patient experience improvements that translate to better financial performance
  • Actively deploy team nursing models for high-acuity patients
  • Having a CNO/nurse leader champion to collaborate with throughout implementation and execution.

Communication between the client and vendor and patient relationships with their observers are both areas that Collette Health values and will implement ongoing development. The cloud-native software guarantees service with its regular backend updates, while the enhanced monitoring includes remotely controlled in-room audio volume, camera position, and night vision.

Partnership Success Factors

  • Commit to deploying a virtual clinical observation program for high acuity patients (ICU, med/surg, etc.) to
  • improve patient safety & outcomes.
  • Proactively invest in patient experience improvements that translate to better financial performance.
  • Actively deploy team nursing models for high-acuity patients.
  • Having a CNO/nurse leader champion to collaborate with throughout implementation and execution.


The clients interviewed by KLAS were satisfied and would implement Collette Health’s product again, for its improvement in patient safety and reliable outcomes of cost savings and patient fall reduction. Customer support is satisfactory, and Collette Health’s reception to client feedback is positive.

Why Collette Health

Collette Health offers a virtual staffing solution for acute hospitals and healthcare systems. As high-acuity patient needs continue to rise and the nursing shortage looms large, facilities are finding unique ways to solve both challenges.

Collette Health’s virtual patient observation solutions include carts, cloud-based software, and virtual clinician observers. Currently working with over 120 hospitals and 12 of the largest healthcare systems in the nation, Collette Health rapidly improves patient safety and clinician satisfaction.

The 10:1 observer-to-patient ratio proactively helps clinicians interact and intervene, preventing potential adverse events. The observing clinician can speak with the patient via the two-way video and audio system and ask them to wait for immediate assistance from the onsite nursing staff. Next, the observer instantly contacts the nurse on site, who calls on the patient in person for support. Collette Health’s fully integrated communication allows observers to quickly contact the nurse’s on-person phone via voice or SMS text. Backup contacts—the charge nurse and house supervisor—are also available to ensure support if there are issues contacting the patient’s primary nurse in residence. Additionally, visual alerts occur on the nurse and patient monitors to show that contact is being made. From the first call all the way through account maturity, Collette Health provides top customer service and support, which helps clinicians proactively meet their patients’ needs.

If you would like to learn more or are interested in implementing Collette Health at your healthcare facility, visit our Contact Us page.